Monday, July 7, 2008

101 in 1001 update: July 7, 2008

One day into the week and I'm already behind. Ah, well. :)

Last week:
YES/NO, I donated my bookcrossing books. I was to do two, but only did one. I will take the other one out tomorrow morning when I go for my run.

NO, I did not finish my string bag. I made a shawl instead. :)
NO, I did not finish the back piece of the sweater of doom. See above note about the shawl I made. :) I've got maybe six rows left. This week.
NO, I did not do Artist's Way week 10. I did 'do' it, I guess, but this particular week holds a lot of truths for me and with the first two days of the week off I didn't give it as much as I'd like to, so I'll repeat it this week.

YES, we did move into the "litter box gone, bowl in the toilet" stage of toilet training the cat. She is bemused, and no doubt muttering to herself about my insanity. We're currently at about 60% compliance. Don't ask what happens the other 40% of the time!
YES, I did private #101.
YES, I did add 5,000 to my free rice total, to get me to 105,000. 105,700, to be precise.
YES, I did read another new author. Emily Barr. I LOVED the book until the last few chapters, when it fell apart. Sigh.
YES, I did babysit R and B on Friday night. I believe they were left relatively unscarred by the experience. :)
YES, so far I did follow through on my July plans for a great birthmonth.

In addition:
- I tried something new at Starbucks (task #72) - Chai Latte. Not bad!
So not bad!

This week:
- I will get the free rice total to 113,000.
- I will add fourteen things to the list of things that make me happy, getting said list to 49.
- I will finish the string bag.
- I will re-do Artist's Way week 10.
- I will finish the back of the sweater of doom.
- I will continue on my July plans for a great birthmonth.
- I will donate the remaining book I have set aside for book crossing.
- I am partway through another book by an author new to me. I will finish it.

I will also relax and enjoy Raoul, which is nearing the end. :)

Oh, yes, and I will run a 10-mile race in Toronto the morning of July 13th, so this might not get updated until Monday (or even Tuesday, given that Monday's my birthday and if I don't feel like doing this I don't gotta. :)

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