Monday, June 9, 2008

101 in 1001 update: June 9, 2008

My idea of "a short list" needs some revision. Sheesh. I didn't get anywhere close to all my 101 tasks done last week. However, I did get just over 12,000 words of Raoul's first draft. I'd take that over some 101 tasks any day. :)

YES, I did add another 8000 grains on free, to get me to 86000 (I finished it about ten seconds ago, but I still did it!)
YES, I fixed my wooden polar bear necklace. I'm wearing it now. :)
YES, I knit. I think I might have missed Thursday (which was craziness) but I did lots on the weekend so it's all good.
YES, I moved the cat's litter box into the bathroom in preparation for a toilet training attempt.
YES, I finished Artist's Way, week six, with the exception of one task I'm doing right after this.
YES, I did private #98. Unfortunately, overall I don't think I've given this task what it deserves, so I will take a few weeks off and then return to it with vigor!
YES, I did private task #101.

NO, I did not add thirteen things to the list of "things that make me happy".
NO, I did not donate another seven items to charity, because I didn't reorganize the kitchen cabinet I'd intended to clean out.
NO, I did not get the books out to bookcrossing. It feels like a fiddly task, going to their site and getting my code number and all that. I think that's why I didn't do it.

Given that it's now Monday afternoon (I didn't do my weekly planning yesterday because Mr. W and I spent the day playing games and watching television, and it was too nice to spend time together like that to waste it on planning), my list needs to be seriously short for this week. Also, I have appointments Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday afternoons this week (urgh, and yes, I did try to consolidate but there was no way to make it work) which doesn't exactly give me tons more time. My mornings belong to Raoul, and the afternoon time I do have will likely go to Raoul's re-typing, so with that in mind...

This week I will:
#1: Add seven thousand words to my free rice total, to get me to 93,000.
#4: Add eight things to the list of "things that make me happy", to get me to 35.
#55: Knit whenever I'm watching television and not eating dinner.
#77: Raise the litter box in the bathroom and pray Sapphire doesn't decide to go on strike.
#84: Take the camera to my parents' on Sunday for a "two birthdays and Father's Day" celebration. Take at least one picture.
#89: Do Artist's Way Week 7.
#101: Do private #101 once this week.

This feels like a fairly weak list, but better weak and complete than gigantic and incomplete. Or so they say. Frankly, gigantic and complete has a good ring to it, doesn't it?

In other areas:
- I have three more workouts this week.
- more Raoul scenes will be written.
- I get a haircut, see the doctor, and get my car looked at. (Thereby blowing Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday afternoons respectively.)

That's where we're at. I'll make sure to get this week's list done and then next week try to up it a bit. :)


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