Monday, June 9, 2008

June 9, 2008: Seeing the scenes come alive

I tend to 'see' certain scenes for each book in my head (usually the grand finale and some big/important/fun scene in the middle) over and over. Over the weekend I got the idea to use this more consciously, to visualize the next few scenes I'll be writing. I decided to visualize four, since it gives me a good chunk of writing without being all 'visualize the whole book already'-ish.

I wrote two of them today and they flowed well. I'll keep it up, adding two new scenes to the back of the two left over ones. It seemed to help, and it'll keep me from obsessing over the ending and the big scene in the middle of Raoul. :)

Writing Project:
Time Planned: 2 hours plus type-in
Time Spent: 2 hours plus 93 minutes (overanalysis? perhaps, but the Palm keeps the numbers for me :)
Favourite Part: having something I'd planned to bring up later pop up here and recognizing it needed to be done here

Exercise: 45 minutes elliptical
One Fun Thing I Did Today: nothing yet, unfortunately. I DID watch Corner Gas at lunch, but I do that every work day so I'm not sure it counts. I'll have to think of something!

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