Monday, July 28, 2008

101 in 1001 update: July 28, 2008

I HAVE been working on these, but I haven't been posting. Things feel very... scrambly these days. Not sure why. Objectively, I probably have the easiest schedule of anyone I know, and it bothers me that I feel so out of control. However. That's not what this post is about. :)

From the last post:

YES, I did add fourteen things to the list of things that make me happy, getting said list to 49.
YES, I re-did Artist's Way week 10.
YES, I've had a great July birthmonth. No surprise, I way over-planned, but I've backed off the unnecessary ones and am still just having a great month.
YES, I donated the remaining book I had set aside for book crossing.
YES, I finished another book by an author new to me. In fact, I read three more. I've created a resolution regarding reading, which I'll post about right after this, and it's really helping.
YES, we kept trying to toilet train the cat. It's feeling a touch futile. She will use the toilet (with a bowl of litter therein) if she has only one thing to do on a particular visit. If she has two, one goes in the bowl and the other on the floor. Hmm. We'll keep trying. :)

NO, I didn't get the free rice total to 113,000. I DID get to 110,000, which isn't bad.
NO, I didn't finish the string bag. I made a shawl for a dear friend instead.
NO, I didn't finish the back of the sweater of doom. And I likely won't start it again until September, since I'm now making a shawl for my cousin's fiancee for the wedding.

Not too shabby. PLUS, I played paintball (SO fun... if you're a Facebook friend you can see the pictures there, although I spared the world a picture of the bruise, a good two inches across, on my rear end. You're welcome. :)

Since I have now finished Raoul's first draft (WOO HOO!) I am about to embark on a month's vacation. I first need to finish judging entries for a writing contest, which I expect to finish by tomorrow. Wednesday I plan to spend re-installing XP on my laptop (I'm such a party animal!) and then the vacation time truly begins. I'm a bit terrified of what I'll do with no writing (and no reading writing-related books either - it's a break, darling!) for a month, but I'm also excited to find out.

So, 101-wise, I will:
- add 5,000 to my free rice total to get me to 115,000 (I'll try for more, but given that the laptop'll be out of play for at least one day, it might be tough)
- add 10 things to each of the lists: things I like about me, things about me, things that make me happy
- keep reading new and old favourite authors
- finish my string bag, since it'll require maybe half an hour - just needs the handle finished!
- make the shawl for the upcoming wedding
- carry on torturing... err... toilet-training the cat
- move on to week 11 of the Artist's Way. Finishing Raoul took a lot of focus, and I let this slide. Back to it.
- carry on with private #101 (I think I may have missed one week)

Have a great week!

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