Saturday, August 23, 2008

101 in 1001 update: August 23, 2008

Since I've been on vacation, I haven't done a lot with the 101 tasks. Some I HAVE done, but my tracking's been all over the place.

So, for my last week of vacation (and I am SO ready to revisit Raoul... I've missed you, my darling!), I will just start fresh, not worrying about what I did not complete before. No worries. This is MY list, after all.

For this upcoming week, I will:
- add at least 1000 grains of rice a day to my free rice total. This requires 50 correct words. No sweat. :)
- add 14 things to my 'list of interesting things about me'. I canNOT be stalled out at 19, can I?? :)
- carry on with my 15+ minutes a day reading. It's getting longer and longer, and the stress of reading is evaporating. Woo. :) I DO want to track how many books I've finished, and I'll do that this week as well. I think I can still pretty much remember everything I've read since July 15th at this stage, but if I wait much longer...
- carry on with my knitted sweater. I've suddenly really connected to knitting - the back is done, and in just this week I've added nearly 2 inches to the fronts (I'm doing both fronts at once. I am a star. :)
- carry on with the Artist's Way book, which I'd set aside over the majority of my vacation. I'm ready now. Week 11, here I come!
- carry on with private #101.

My last week of vacation. I'm so glad I took it, and I'm so ready to get into Raoul. WOO! :)


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