Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Vacation: I could get used to this!

The first few days were surprisingly rough. I played a lot of video games because, frankly, I couldn't think of anything else to do. Raoul seemed to be pulsing in its Word file, calling, "Come on and edit me. You know you want to." And it was right, I did.

And I still do, but now I can wait. :) This week I've become less slug-like. I spent 2 hours yesterday deep-cleaning the big fish tank, which I've meant to do forever but haven't had time. Well, I have the time, so I took it, and enjoyed it.

My fifteen minutes of reading a day is continuing, and I'm gradually returning to my old "just pick up a book and read it, don't worry if it's in your genre or relevant or going to be any good" style. Welcome back, old friend. I have so missed you.

The 101 tasks are ongoing but I'm not blogging them because I haven't felt like it, and I'm on vacation. :) But I AM progressing, and maybe this weekend I'll report.

I have not spent any serious time on writing-related stuff since the end of July. All my industry-related blogs are on hold, I've done nothing on Raoul or on coming up with the next book (well, not much... I occasionally ponder something as I fall asleep, but I love doing that so I think it's okay!), and I am beginning to feel less tired and less overwhelmed.

So far, the month is a success!



Bonnie said...

Hop the book I sent will inspire you to read. It's um...very serious...extremely literary and mind-enriching, I swear.

I have the opposite vacation problem: I am lazy by nature and could spend endless days doing nothing. I'm a writer and the line between work and vacation gets blurred all the time.

Heather Wardell said...

Don't you be lying on my blog, Missy. I flipped through that book, and 'wildly entertaining' I would have accepted, but there's nothing literary there! :)

My line gets blurred too, but blurred by guilt and worry that I should be writing right now, this VERY second.

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