Monday, September 29, 2008

101 in 1001 update: September 29, 2008

This hasn't been my best week ever. I guess sometimes there are just not-so-productive weeks, right? My first two weeks on Raoul I did 10000 and 12000 words... this week? 5300. Eek. I had a few distractions, but the real problem was my lack of focus while I was at home and theoretically ready to work. Stupid Internet. :) No, it's my fault, not the Internet's, and I vow to make this week better!

As for 101:
I'm at 23,000 grains of rice, not the 30,000 I'd intended.
I DID read at least 15 minutes a day, which is good.
I DID have my tea towels up on the right days.
I DID do private #101.
I DID carry on with my exercise schedule, and with the arrival of new running shoes from eBay I was actually able to run without shin pain yesterday, which is awesome!

So, not bad on that front. It's Raoul I'm not happy about: I could have done so much more and still done a great job. This week, I will.

For 101 this week:
- I'm NOT going to worry about my rice total. Need a week off!
- #40. The used book store I've always wondered about looks like it might be closing, so I'll make sure I go this week, armed with $10, and check it out.
- carry on reading 15 mins a day.
- carry on with the tea towels
- carry on with private #101
- return to running, GRADUALLY, now that I can

And that's all. Raoul needs and wants and deserves my time and energy, and it'll get it.

Have a great week!

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