Saturday, September 20, 2008

101 in 1001 update: September 20, 2008

I set myself a fairly easy set of 101 tasks last week, and I did pretty well!

YES, I did
add 7000 grains of rice, so the computer's total is now 20,000. Granted, I did 5,000 of them this morning. :) But they ARE done.
YES, I did read at least 15 minutes a day.
YES, I did carry on with the "day of the week tea towels". They're very cute, and I feel ridiculously organized having them there and on the right day. I count it as successful if it's changed before breakfast, and so far there have been no failures. Woo!
YES, I did pick up private #101.
NO, I did not knit for at least a bit of time each day. That's because I am working on test-crocheting for a gorgeous shawl pattern (picture to come when there's a bit more to show) and it's a tight deadline so there's not a lot of knitting time.

For the upcoming week, I will:
- donate 10,000 grains of rice, to get the computer's total to 30,000.
- read at least 15 minutes a day, mostly on authors new to me.
- do another week of 'daily tea towels'
- do private #101
- carry on with my exercise schedule, which'll help with weight loss, being able to do a full unassisted pullup, and my Oct 19th 5K race

I'll also keep working on Raoul, and I'm going to clean out the bedroom closet too. Egad! What horrors lurk within?

Have a great week!

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Annette Gallant said...

Yay! It sounds like you're doing great with your list.

I hear you on the closet. Our current house is double the size of our last one so we've gotten into a bad habit of hoarding things. One of these days I'll take the plunge and start purging.

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