Friday, November 21, 2008

Back to reality

We go home tomorrow. I have LOVED this week away. The trick will be to keep taking time to relax and read and hang out with Mr. W while still getting our daily routine done.

My big task for next week is beginning to plan for the next book! Its code name is Aardvark, and I know absolutely nothing about it. :) This time, I'm trying a new system. I've been keeping a list of ideas for books, ranging from fairly solid concepts to a few words. I'm going to start each day with one idea, and spend the day playing with that idea and see what kind(s) of book it could be.

Then, the next day, I'll put it aside and go on to another idea. This, with any luck, will help me not get too panicky if an idea doesn't 'gel' right away. I did panic with Raoul, and in fact ended up ruining two previous ideas because I got so stressed about them. An idea doesn't become a full-formed book in a day, and this way I can't expect it to.

I will also go back to the gym, and will take time to decide exactly what I want and why in the 'body size' department. I'm strong and fit, but I'm fat too, and I need to decide what I want and then go after it with the same determination I go after my writing.

Finally, I'll stay out of my inboxes (email, Facebook, etc.) until 5pm or so each day, after my work day is complete. That will help me stay focused on Aardvark during the day while still keeping me in touch on a daily basis.

So, between now and next Friday:
  • I will play around with at least four ideas. (I'd like to have five, but I commit to four. :) I haven't decided yet whether I'll blog them, but I do promise to do 'em!
  • I will run three times, do at least one other workout, and spend at least one hour figuring out what I want from and for my body.
  • I will check and empty my inboxes once daily, and process them completely while I'm in there.
Those are the biggies. I will also make sure I spend good time with Mr. W and with poor Sapphire who's been on her own all week except for twice-daily visits from our neighbour and friend, but if I reach the end of the week and can mark off the three things above, I will have kicked butt.

Two questions for you: a) what will YOU do this week that's a bit of a stretch for you? b) would you be interested in seeing the daily Aardvark progress?


Lauria said...

Those are some GREAT goals! I'll galdly be rooting for you each step of the way!

Anonymous said...

In place of a real job, I'm going to try working a set number of hours per day on my oft-neglected etsy shop. This will include making stock, photographing and posting stock, blogging, sharing my creations and generally trying to get my name out there.

It's the last two that I'm really bad at, and that I hope this set goal will make me better at.

Heather Wardell said...

Corvus, sounds like a good plan! I promise to check in on you next week and see how you've done! :)

mini witchy said...

Will said daily progress occasionally include excerpts?? :D

Heather Wardell said...

Laux, the odds are high that regular excerpts will appear, whenever anything excerpt-worthy is written. :)

Jennifer said...

Bravo. I should probably make myself ride my bike, but I still can't quite figure out the shifting thing... (very embarrassing)

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