Tuesday, November 18, 2008

A finished crochet project!

I have been testing a crochet cardigan pattern by the very talented milobo. Hers is done in a smooth sleek yarn and looks very classy.

Mine's in Moda Dea Dream, a furry yarn, and has yeti-like qualities. But I love it!

I greyed out the picture a bit so the sweater would show up more. Mr. W made me laugh and then took the picture, which is why I look like such a weirdo. (This time, anyhow. There's always an excuse for why I look like such a weirdo. :)

I need a good closure for it. At the moment, it's pinned closed with a split ring stitch marker. :)

Mr. W took another picture of me, and this one I actually like! I put it in as my profile picture here. For those who care about such things, I'm hiding behind a Seraphina Shawl made from Sirdar Blur. :)

Pizza is ready, so I must go and eat it. It's hard work being on vacation... I've read two novels in the last two days. :)


Unknown said...

Looks great on you :D and the multiple uses of stitch markers will never cease to amaze me XD

Lauria said...

Awesome! I love finishing projects. Get them Done, Done, Done!!

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