Monday, November 17, 2008

The lords of the lace lounges

We're watching the hockey game (apparently 'vacation' doesn't include 'vacation from endless hockey games') and one of the announcers just referred to the goalies as "the lords of the lace lounges". As a writer, I'm sort of jealous and appalled all at once. :) (Apparently the last game included the phrase "masters of the mesh mansions", but while I was physically present I was mentally elsewhere and so don't remember that one.)

I feel like I should do some sort of deep and meaningful blog post, but I think my brain has left the building. It's out (hopefully in its snowsuit and mittens) cruising around in the snow, exploring the ski hills behind us and no doubt having a wonderful time. I'm happy it's gone, because I'm sure it'll come back ready to work. (It will come back, right? :) In the meantime, it's left me with enough mental capacity to read, watch TV, and vegetate, but not to be deep and meaningful.

So instead, a picture of Sapphire! Annette commented on the last post and said something about black cats. In that picture, she did indeed look black, but she's a gorgeous tortoiseshell. This picture shows her on the table in my writing area. I'd wanted to describe said area, so I'll use this picture to do that. (The Leafs are now down two goals to none, so I'm better off occupied so as not to have to talk to poor Mr. W who's now in mourning. :)

We have a two-bedroom condo. The second bedroom is our office (full of assorted computers and filing cabinets), and I took over what's officially supposed to be the dining room since we always eat on the couch.

I have several small bookshelves, which hold only books and objects I love. One bookshelf has doors to hold my pens, the laptop's spare charger, my notebooks (I write all my first drafts long-hand), and so on.

Atop the bookshelves, I have a small bulletin board which holds a few planning documents (one listing what I want to get done in the next few months and another listing what I have already done so when I feel like I'm getting nothing done I can look and see how much I have done) and an inspirational post. As you can see, there are also some polar bears. Obsession. I has it.

And finally, I have a crocheted shawl on the back of my chair (made of Moda Dea Dream - love that stuff!) that I wear nearly every time I write. It's cozy and comforting.

I feel certain Sapphire knows she's not to be on the table, and equally certain she couldn't care less if I paid her a million cans of cat food. :)

Well, the Leafs are now only down by 1, which has improved the mood here at Club Snow considerably, so I'm off.

But I'd love to know: what's the weirdest thing you've ever heard said by a sports commentator? I think 'lords of the lace lounges' is way up there. :)

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Lauria said...

I also thought that Saphire was black! How mistaken!

What a clean desk you have. I don't operate that way at all! My desk is always filled with paper. I never have enough room for paper. It's sick. And I think it's inherited. My mother is a paper pack rat. I remember "cleaning" the kitchen table when company came over by shoving all the papers into bags and putting them behind closed doors as a child. Actually, I've done that a couple times myself...

I like the color of the walls. That must be a very relaxing place for you to work.

Robin and I can't think of any silly sportscasters sayings, but I'm sure we've heard them!

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