Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Hey, it's still today!

I is behind. I've been behind basically all day, so why would I expect the blog post to come at a not-so-behind time? I don't know why. But I do.

I LOVE Diana's comment on my previous 101 post, wherein she said, "I'd probably start coming up with really weird things, like, "Squash 50 bugs with my right foot and 25 with my left." or "stare at the sun for a full minute to see what happens." The bug-squashing could be considered a cardio workout (couldn't it?) and I too have always wondered what would happen.

(I looked at the burning piece of magnesium in science class right after the teacher's dire warnings of impending doom for anyone foolish enough to look, and nothing happened, and since then I've been less than worried about such things. I'm also the type who, when a waitress says, "Don't touch the plate, it's really hot," I have to immediately put my mitts on there to find out if it is. I'm not sure what this says about me, but like so much posted here, I'm guessing it's nothing good. :)

I think the 101 concept is fantastic. I also think it's not quite right for me. My first career (software developer) lasted 3.5 years or so, my second (elementary school computer science teacher) lasted 4 (next May is 4 years for this writing thing and I'm not bored yet, so maybe the curse is lifted?) so assuming I'll stay interested in the same tasks for 2 years and 8 months is perhaps unrealistic.

So I am considering alternatives. 36 tasks a year, divided up by months? (Too anal?) A big list o' tasks, divided up by whatever feels good? (Too unlikely to be achieved?) Pitching the whole thing? (Too 'continuing in the rut'?)

I have really enjoyed some of what I've done. It's been the shorter-term ones. Not swearing for two weeks, that sort of thing. The ones that drag on and on are a little too much like housework (dull, uninteresting, and who cares anyhow?) for my liking.

I intend to have a new system, whatever it may be, up and running by Dec 1st. Pitching the whole thing is not an option - I like the concept of doing things that take me out of my comfort zone. I guess the thing is, novel writing tends to be a long steady slog kind of job... adding 'extra tasks' that are the same sort of thing just doesn't appeal.

Steve Pavlina talks about doing thirty-day trials of things. Maybe I should do a few of those a year interspersed with shorter weirder ones.

Or maybe I'm overthinking the whole project? But how COULD I be, that's so unlike me. :)


Lauria said...

I kind of like the idea of breaking it up into smaller, more manageable chunks. "Things to do in the next three months" -- that kind of thing. I can't wait until you tell us what you decided to do!

The verification word I have is "worse". Maybe Blogspot disagrees with me. ;)

mini witchy said...

A big list o' tasks, divided up by whatever feels good?

Ha! See now, I like this idea. Then again, I'm a fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants type girl when it comes to getting anything done. Not always the best way to do things, but always interesting and flexible!

Maybe there is a nice middle place between anal and care-free? Perhaps some general guidelines that are a goal in and of themselves, remaining somewhat lenient...

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