Monday, November 10, 2008

Rereading Raoul: random results

I'm a little fried at the moment, due to about 4.5 hours of intense Raoul reading. So, another stats post, because them's easy to write. :)

Time spent: 4 hours, 28 minutes (I know, I'm such a nerd... but when I start a session I activate my Palm time-tracking software and I deactivate when I'm done, so I know the exact count, so why not share it with you?)
Words read: 38,279 (again, nerdy. Sorry. :)
Average words per minute: 143

Now, I have been regularly clocked at 1200 wpm reading a 'regular book', so 143 is slow for me. But when I read a regular book I'm not worried about whether every line makes sense, whether every word's the right one, whether every little nuance works the way I want. And here? I so am.

And they DO, my friends, they do. I have made changes, but none have been of the what-moron-wrote-this variety. Holy expletive-deleted, I love this book. :)

Sharp right turn. I have to say I feel bad about how I'm doing on NaBloPoMo. Not on the Po part, but on the commenting on other people's posts. I have a nice collection of blogs to read (largely collected from Ravelry - woo, Ravelry!) and I'm now two full days behind. Urgh.

If you're reading and commenting here, know a) I'm so grateful, b) I have your blog in my list, and c) once Raoul's done (tomorrow, barring a major wheel falling off), I'll be all blogs all the time.

Stay tuned. More nerdy facts tomorrow. Tomorrow afternoon I'll be at Starbucks, where I usually start and end projects. (I also usually cry at the end of a book, which necessitates a quick exit from Starbucks, but oh well. :)


Diana said...

Congrats! How exciting for you.

I love Ravelry so much. I love how many people I have met and how I have been able to add so many awesome blogs to my reading list.

Jennifer said...

Several hours disappeared yesterday afternoon...and I think they went to Ravelry. :)

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