Saturday, November 15, 2008

Three Columns? Why not?

I spent FAR too much time this morning, but I've now got a three-column blog! I quite like it - keeps the sidebar from getting too long, I think. I will no doubt continue to fiddle with it, and once it's solid I might revamp my web site to match it more closely. We shall see.

There's a danger of spending more time playing with the look and feel of the web site than actually writing, and since I'm a) a nerd and b) a former web developer, I find this stuff fun. But I will behave!

(Edited to add: I found the details for the three-column dealie at - don't want to suggest I came up with it all by myself. :)

Now, Mr. W and I are leaving this afternoon for a week's vacation, booked before I knew about NaBloPoMo. It's a little resort about two hours from here, and rumour has it they have Internet access. I contemplated pre-posting, so there'd always be something new here, but the point of NaBloPoMo to me is daily attention to the blog, and pre-posting kinda defeats that.

SO, if I get Internet access daily, I'll post daily. If not, I'll post when I do, and think happy blog-related thoughts the rest of the time. :)

Have a great week!

And thanks to all who've commented on the previous identity-related post - I think I'll be going with my name pretty much everywhere. Still trying to decide what to do on Ravelry, but as it's just for fun, I'm not sure it matters all that much what I call myself!



Lauria said...

Very clean!

Have fun on your vaca! I think taking a vacation totally trumps blogland! :) Have lots of fun and take some pictures to post when you get back! (Maybe one from each day as PROOF you were thinking about us! ;) )

mini witchy said...

Looks nice. :) Have fun!

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