Sunday, March 1, 2009

Thoughts on a treadmill

Many people are able to think deep thoughts while exercising. Me? Here's a sampling of what went through my head during today's 40-minute run.
  • Why do the first ten minutes of running always have to feel like I've woken up at 3AM with a hangover?

  • Is that a big furry caterpillar outside the window? No, it can't be, it's too cold. Looks like it, though. (five minutes at least of studying what was probably a piece of garbage)

  • Is it better to keep tugging down the shorts part of my running skirt (yes, I run in a skirt - today, I kid you not, I was also wearing a diamond pendant. In my defense I slept in it last night, but still.) and enduring the slow but inexorable scraping of my thighs as it rides back up?

    Or should I just let it ride up once and then leave it there? Basically, is the seam of the shorts better tucked up (don't make me tell you where!)?

    (Answer, eventually... tuck it up. Which surprised me... but it's actually less annoying, not to mention less agonizing for those around me when they don't have to see me hauling my shorts out of my nethers.)

  • Why do shorts always ride up anyhow?

  • Is it too hot to wear pants next time?

  • Seriously, that must be a caterpillar. It looks like it's got its head stuck in a tree root. But how could that be? And don't caterpillars hibernate or something? It's freezing out there.

  • Think about one of your books or something, would you? You're wasting time.

  • Okay, so in Aardvark I need to... umm...

  • All the windows in here are fogged up. Behold my awesome hot air powers. And yeah, it probably IS too hot for pants. I wear miniskirts in the dead of winter, so all the cold receptors on my legs froze to death decades ago.

  • 35 minutes in and now I feel good. Wonderful, but since I'm stopping at 40 it IS a little frustrating.

  • One minute left, sprintsprintSPRINT! (Relatively speaking... I'm here for a long time, not a fast time!)

  • It can't be a caterpillar, can it?
So, no deep thoughts. But I had a good run!


Anonymous said...

LOL! I totally LOVED this post! That remnds me, I need to get hubby to find me another calvinetics CD, since he lost my other one.

Heather Wardell said...

Callanetics, do you mean? I used to do that! While it was a bit dull, it was effective!

Anonymous said...

At least you can think while exercising. :-) My thoughts tend to "why did I think this was a good idea?" for the first couple of minutes followed by a mind so numb I can't find my car keys in my jeans pockets afterward.

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