Friday, April 10, 2009

WHAT did you just call me?

The scene: my house, 7:30AM Friday

Wii Fit: (after weighing me) That's overweight!
Heather: Really? That's awesome.

WF: Are you being sarcastic?
H: Not even close. Since we met in December, you've called me "obese" every time you've weighed me.

WF: Are you sure?
H: Trust me. I've been waiting to hear you say "overweight".

WF: You're easy to please, aren't you?
H: By your own records, you've weighed me 103 times. That's a LOT of times of being called obese (first thing in the morning, no less). You'd better believe I'm pleased to hear the other 'o' word for once!

WF: Well, congrats. Anything else I can do for you?
H: Someday I'd love to hear you call me "normal".

WF: From what I see around this place, I wouldn't bet on it.
H: Call my weight normal, I mean.

WF: Keep tracking your eating and we might just see the day.
H: That'd be nice. Oh, and can you stop making that agonized "ooh!" sound when I step on you?

WF: Get to "normal" and I'll think about it.


You'll notice on my left-hand sidebar there was a tracking failure this week. I just plain didn't record my food. I COULD go back and guess at it, but since the point is to know at any given time how much more I should eat that day, I don't think doing that really counts.

(I'll be eating dinner at a hockey game tonight AND tomorrow night, so I might be out of the "overweight" category for a few days, but I'll see it again!)

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Jennifer said...

Hooray! Though it would be nice if the WiiFit kept its snarky comments to itself... :)

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