Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Battle report from a cold bug

April 26: Subject is complaining of a sore throat. It's only on one side, apparently, but she's still pretty whiny about it. If she knew what was coming...

April 27: Subject is snuffly and has a headache, but insisted on going to something called "band practice". If this involves any sort of deep breathing, I think she'll regret it.

April 28: Subject spent the day passed out on the couch, stirring only to blow her nose. No response to any stimuli, despite the plethora of books and movies and an insane amount of yarn available. I think we might have killed her.

April 29: No, she's alive. Still passed out, though. Toward the end of the day she feebly reached for a book, but it's something she's read before. She mumbled something about "too tired to think" then pulled the first of a series of seven books from the shelf. Who's this Harry Potter character anyhow?

April 30: Subject has now gone through nearly two full boxes of tissues. I'm impressed: we don't usually cause this much damage! Still passed out on the couch, but signs of life are beginning to arise. She sat up for half an hour or so, for example.

May 1: I'd hoped we'd really do a number on subject, but she seems to be nearly recovered. Disappointing. Not even a week's incapacitation? She's also flying through those Harry Potter books. Perhaps I'll try one myself.

May 2: Hurrah! She's sick again. Monday's "band practice" was apparently in preparation for two concerts this weekend. I personally didn't think she was well enough to go play that clarinet thing, but she didn't ask me. I was right, though: she's exhausted and snuffling again. Time to buy stock in whoever makes Kleenex.

May 3: Oh, this is great. She's having a PARTY after the concert! She's not quite as sick as yesterday, but I'm still pretty proud of my accomplishment. That promotion'll be mine in no time!

May 4: Finally showing some discretion, she's skipping band practice today. Too late, honey, I've got you right where I want you. Specifically, you've lost a good three days of recovery. Sucks to be you!

May 5: Subject keeps mumbling something about "Sunday's half marathon". Is she RUNNING this weekend? With US still around? She'd have to be crazy.

END REPORT. For now.

And what have YOU been up to for the last two weeks? :)


Jennifer said...

You poor thing! I hope you're feeling better soon...

Anonymous said...

sorry you're sick- seems to be going around

Fran Caldwell said...

Hope you're now better...but don't see your new post.

Oh, and isn't this eerily like those postings of Kit Courtenay's some time back? They went on for days...

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