Thursday, May 14, 2009

It's ALIIIIIIVE! And it lost weight!

Not even in my days as an elementary school teacher, soaking in kids' germs all day long, did I get such a cold. Mr. W thinks I got two colds, one on top of the other, and he might be right. All I know is, the last few weeks are largely a blur.

During the worst days, I lost three pounds without even thinking about it. Naturally, they came back. (It's always that way, isn't it?) BUT, over the 9 weeks of my diet/exercise plan, I lost just over 9 pounds. They're gone, baby, and they aren't coming back. I am happy with this, and will continue tracking my food and exercise. That's really all I did... just track and notice. I didn't track every day, but I did most of them and I'm pleased with that.

As for writing, poor Aardvark is again on the back burner because I'm going to a one-day writing conference in New York in two weeks and I need to be ready to explain my books in a nice brief fashion. Seriously brief - I will be doing three-minute pitch sessions with agents and editors. If I don't have a plan, it'll sound like... well, like this blog post. And we can't have that! So I'm working on the pitches instead of on Aardvark's second first draft. But I hope to return to Aardvark next week, and if not, definitely right after the conference. I'm nervous about it (agents! editors! New York, to which I have never been! talking for only three minutes!) but I know it'll be fun. I just have to put in the work. Which I shall do.

But first, I have to send HUGE compliments to Corrina of Picnicknits for her ridiculously gorgeous yarn. She had a turquoise yarn that she couldn't get a good picture of, and I took a chance on it and it's stunning.

I swiped her picture to show you, because my picture of it is even less accurate, but wow, such perfect colours. I liked the picture but it's even prettier in person - not as blue and more a pure turquoise. I love it. I am actually thinking I'll make myself something to wear at the conference for a dose of courage, or take it to make something on the plane.

The turquoise is so pretty I hardly noticed the blue...

Which is sad, because it's gorgeous too. A rich cobalt blue with hints of lighter blues.

If you're a yarn crafter, get to Corrina's site immediately. No, wait, don't... wait until I've bought everything I could possibly want and THEN you can go. :)

It's nice to be back, and I promise to post with a little (more) regularity. Assuming I don't get ebola or something like that. :)

(And NO, I did not have the swine flu, or "the swine" as Mr. W calls it. I did see a doctor when I couldn't shake the fool thing, and despite having to wear a mask in the waiting room I turn out to be swine-free. Good stuff!)


mini witchy said...

Gorgeous yarn! Glad to see you back and healthy. :)

Corrina said...

You rock! (And how did I miss this? I have you on feed!)

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