Friday, June 26, 2009

Back to 101

A while back, I was working, and blogging, on my 101 tasks in 1001 days list. I did quite well with it for a while, but then the wheels (all 101 of them) began to fall off.

This was largely because I did what I am so prone to doing: I over-analyzed. I second-guessed myself on how long each task would take, and when they should be scheduled to occur (yes, I was actually scheduling these "should be fun" tasks), and eventually I realized that a lot of them just didn't matter to me.

I am going to rebuild the list, though. My birthday is coming up July 14th (I was actually due July 1st... my poor mother) and by then I will have a new list.

This list will not contain any "do this thing every day or every week" tasks, because those suck the life right out of me faster than any sparkly vampire could ever do. (If you haven't seen "Twilight" and you need a good laugh, rent it!) Instead, these will be event-type tasks.

My favourite from the previous list was paintball. I went with various family/friend types, and we had a fabulous time. The bruises healed eventually, and I'll never forget it.

I intend to have a list of 101 things just like that. Although with any luck with a bit less bruising.

What would you suggest? What things do you want to do that you haven't gotten around to yet? What would you like to see me do and report on?

4 comments: said...

I sometimes think I will make a list to keep inside my kitchen cabinet that will organize my chores so that my house is always sparkling clean.

Such as: every 6 months, wash all windows inside and out. Power wash the driveway. Switch winter clothes and summer clothes between closets. Switch winter decor for summer decor. Decorate for and celebrate every major holiday.

Once a month: Wipe down all the baseboards. Check and clean all the places I don't think about, like areas around light switches, door knobs, window sills, and top edge of tiles in the shower (that I'm too short to see otherwise). Clean the non-self-cleaning oven. Dust all those books on the top shelves. Polish all the silver. Wash all the rugs and curtains. Straighten closets and drawers. Pay the bills and shred the old ones.

Once a week: toss all the useless paper that has accumulated. Scrub the bathrooms top to bottom. Empty and resupply the litter boxes. Dust every book and stick of furniture in the house. Dust the ceiling fans and all the picture frames. Don't forget mirrors, the face of the TV and computer monitors. Clean the refrigerator. Vacuum under the beds. Mop all the floors. Weed the gardens. Sweep the walks and driveway. Cut the grass and weed-eat. Do the grocery shopping. Wash and wax the cars. Roll the trash can to the curb to be picked up.

Daily: Make the bed. Fix three fabulous meals and clean up afterward. Play with cats. Feed cats. Clean the litter boxes. Take out the trash. Sweep the floors and mop the kitchen. Vacuum the carpet. Do the laundry; fold, hang. Run the errands and keep all appointments. Keep up with everyone online and make comments on their blogs. Work on novel. Shower. Dress. Straighten hair. Go to work.

Then I just LMAO and forget the whole thing. That's what I'd like to see every woman do. Chase your dreams, not your dust bunnies.

Heather Wardell said...

I love the last paragraph! I was feeling hugely inadequate for a while there. :)

You are so right. The dust bunnies will always be there, but the opportunity to go after your dreams might not be.

Jennifer said...

Twilight! Teehee. In my case, a good goal would be to actually learn to ride my dusty bicycle (my childhood bike didn't have gears, and I'm having trouble mastering that now--not leastly because our neighborhood is so hilly) and go bike riding with my husband.

Heather Wardell said...

Ooh, that IS a good one, Jennifer! My list is coming along... will be posting the draft sometime late this week or early next. It's HARD to come up with 101 good ones (which is why the old list came apart. :)

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