Thursday, June 25, 2009

Two systems, no dishwasher

My new dishwasher is supposed to be delivered today. At 9:30AM a painfully cheery woman called to tell me it'd be here tomorrow between 11 and 3.

"No, it won't," I said. "I changed it two weeks ago to be today."

Cue confused noises and a few moments on hold, then she came back to say that no, it's definitely scheduled for tomorrow. Well, that ain't no good, because the plumber's coming tomorrow to install it and I already arranged with the maintenance office (which is ridiculously protective of its elevators) for delivery today.

She gives me the number of the company that requested the delivery, which is not Home Depot from where I bought the thing. Fine. I call there and their cheery woman (do they all get these ladies from the same employment agency or something?) says it's was scheduled for tomorrow but it was changed to today.

I should be happy, and yet I am not. I push for more details, and she checks the delivery company web site and THAT says tomorrow. Um, what?

After an explanation about how I'd bought an LG and they usually deal with GE products (I fail to see why I should care), she promised to email the delivery company and see what she could do and call me back shortly.

This, I'm sure to nobody's surprise, has not happened.

I did manage to grovel sufficiently to be allowed to use an elevator tomorrow, so the only real issue is the plumber, and I'm afraid to call him now in case it DOES show up all of a sudden (I envision the delivery guys leaving it outside my condo door and knocking and running away, like they're leaving a flaming bag of poop). I want it installed as soon as possible.

Well, there's also the fact that I've been aggravated all morning and have done nothing, and I actually had to HAND-wash dishes, which feels like cruel and unusual punishment, but I don't think anybody involved in this farce cares.

But I'll be writing a strongly worded letter to Home Depot asking for my $50 delivery charge back. Think it'll work? Me either. But I have to try.

On the bright side, I am not having as bad a day as the owner of this wine store...

fail owned pwned pictures


Jennifer said...

Wow, that's really irritating. You should definitely try to negotiate that delivery fee--the way things are right now, they need to keep their customers happy. (That photo is so tragic!)

Heather Wardell said...

I'll be writing the letter tomorrow and will certainly update when/if I get a response.

Can you IMAGINE the crash that must have caused??

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