Saturday, August 22, 2009

101 in 1001: #40: Eddie Bauer reusable bag

On my birthday, July 14th, I cleared at least three of my 101 tasks. I will blog them over the next few days, without letting myself get all ridiculous about which one came first or anything like that.

I'd seen a fancy little reusable shopping bag that folded into its own pouch at Eddie Bauer and wanted it. I don't like getting all those plastic bags at the book store or drug store, and now that they're actually charging for those I REALLY don't want them.

I've crocheted a number of grocery bags, and they're fabulous but kind of bulky to keep in my purse. This little one was different, and on my birthday I was delighted to go out and pick one up.

Here is my bag folded up. I left the space around it in this picture so that you could see how it compares to the next picture.

It's a little zippered pouch that fits easily in the palm of my hand.

And here it is unfolded, filled with two packs of cork tiles, twenty duotang folders, four notebooks, two packs of pushpins, and a partridge in a... no, wait, never mind. But the other stuff is all in there, and I let it artfully (awkwardly?) slide out so you could see it.

See the pouch on the lower front? It's got a double-sided zipper, and you just unzip it and pull out the bag. The pouch can even be used as a little pocket while you're shopping.

Similar to having a pen in my purse (which I don't always do), having my own easy-to-use shopping bag with me makes me feel wildly organized and efficient, and it's nice to feel that way occasionally, isn't it? :)


Lauria said...

I can't believe how *tiny* that bag is! I think I would lose it in my purse! Is it easy to fold back up?

Heather Wardell said...

It's amazingly easy to fold. You basically just stuff it back into the pouch! There's a moment where it looks like it'll never get in there and then suddenly it's done. I love it!

I should get a spare one and do a blog giveaway with it at some point. :)

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