Friday, August 21, 2009

It's not good to be the queen

The queen of analysis paralysis, that is. In my first career, as a software developer, we used that term to refer to getting stuck over-analyzing and over-studying something instead of just actually doing it. And oh, that so describes me at the moment.

I want to do the perfect blog post every time, and so I start worrying about which thing to post about first, and exactly what to say, and when do I update the 101 tasks counter, and... and then I do nothing.

And now the blog has cobwebs hanging on it, and I feel annoyed with myself for not blogging but can't bring myself to do so because I want it to be perfect. I am in a rut so deep I can't see out, and it's largely because if things aren't 110% perfect I don't do 'em.

So. I will fix this. How? By doing my own NaBloPoMo (National Blog Posting Month). For the next thirty days, I will post daily. Some of them will be good posts. Some, probably not so much. But I will be here. Because if I'm not here, how can any of them be good posts?

Part of my present whiny-pants mood is because I was at the dentist this morning to fix a broken tooth. (He poked at it and said, "Hmm, the rest looks strong so it shouldn't have broken." Well, that may be, but here we are.) I have a strange reaction to the anesthetic - it gets stronger as time goes by. During the repair I was slightly frozen, mostly around the right side where he'd put in the stuff. An hour later I was frozen down my throat, up to my right eye, and right across my face. It's been nearly three hours now and it's only just peaking, I think. Yuck.

I, of course, was starving (because I always am when it's inconvenient), but I can't eat or drink properly with my face refusing to respond, so I put chocolate milk into the squirt bottle I use for Gatorade when I run. So my chocolate milk tasted vaguely orange (yes, I wash the bottle but the Gatorade chemicals are tougher than soap, apparently) and even with the squirt bottle I still managed to get some down my front. I'm such a classy broad. :)

I feel like curling up on the couch with a hot chocolate and some crocheting and watching some movie I've seen a billion times (hello, Blades of Glory!), but I do want to keep working on Blueberry. Yes, the newest book's outline is nearly ready to go. I HAVE been doing stuff, just not here.

In case anyone does not know the brilliance that is Blades of Glory, I present the trailer. If you don't find this hilarious, you and I are very different people!

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