Friday, August 14, 2009

A freebee you don't want to miss

I read and enjoy Steve Pavlina's work and he recently posted a link to a free Paraliminal download that I recommend everyone pick up.

Paraliminals, essentially, are recordings with two voices at the same time, one in each ear. (Headphones are recommended.) The one that's being given away at the moment is Peak Performance.

I downloaded it ages ago and just tried it today, when I was feeling wiped out from a long hot training run but still need to get groceries and work on the new book.

It begins with a brief explanation and the instruction to choose an upcoming performance/event/task to focus on, then one voice talks you into relaxation. The other voice then begins, and at first they alternate but then they're speaking at once, both giving information and encouragement on reaching the goal you set at the beginning.

When the two voices overlapped, I felt a brief hit of panic because I couldn't follow them individually, but then I let go and just sort of drifted between the two voices, picking up words from both.

The result? 22 minutes later, I am almost too energetic to sit here and type. I am wide awake and ready to go, but not jumpy in any way. Just revved up.

The link is at and the download offer ends on August 16th. I didn't have to register or anything to get it, and it comes as a single MP3 file. Check it out. All you have to lose is your fatigue and lack of energy. :)

And while you're there, check out Steve Pavlina's work as well. I find him very inspiring and maybe you will too!

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