Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The joys of a politely worded complaint letter

Back in June, I was bemoaning the dishwasher install in which Home Depot's two computer systems had different ideas of what my delivery date should be. At the time, I vowed to write a "strongly worded letter to Home Depot asking for my $50 delivery charge back." I didn't think it'd work but I felt the need to try.

Well, it DID work! I got a phone call from the store manager offering either a gift card or a discount on another appliance. The only appliance we could get at the moment is a microwave, since we are currently using the microwave oven that Mr. W had when I met him (in 1994!). There's rust in it (yes, really) but it still seems to be working well and I think we kind of want to see whether it'll still be running in another .... I just did the math and it gave me heart failure... 16 more years... how did I get so old?? I remember 1994 like it was yesterday. I barely remember yesterday, frankly, but 1994 is clear in my mind. Egad.


Anyhow, if the microwave does give up the ghost, it'd probably be easier to just have a gift card instead of a discount on an appliance, so I politely requested such and it arrived in the mail yesterday! The polite but clearly worded letter did the trick. I'm impressed with Home Depot, I must say.

If you'll excuse me, I'm just going to sit over here and mutter, "1994. How could that be?" for a while.