Monday, November 2, 2009

1001 tasks update: Week 2

I'm a day late, but oh well. I'm still counting it. :)

Here's what I've been up to on my 101 tasks list.

  • Task #12: Mr W and I did our second "hobby-creative" night.
  • Task #16: I gave a stranger a compliment during the 10km race I ran yesterday... she ran by in a pink knitted hat with a pig face on the front and I couldn't help yelling out, "I like your hat!"
  • Task #44: Posting this update now. :)
  • Task #77: I have run 42.3km of the planned 1611km since October 21st. 1001 miles seemed like it'd be a huge number but maybe it won't be that hard to get there? We shall see.
  • Task #84: The Glorious Violence shawl continues to progress. I won't update its yarn usage every time, since the balls of yarn weigh 25 grams and have 500 yards of yarn in them so I'd need a way more accurate scale than I have to report the yarn. But I'm moving along toward the 500 yard first ball mark!
  • Task #94: I am actively focusing on increasing the hours I spend in creative writing-related work. I track them with my Palm and update a spreadsheet every 4 weeks, so I won't be updating this task except as the spreadsheet's updated. But it's definitely a focus for me.
  • Task #101: To move closer to being a New York Times Number One Bestseller, I have worked hard this week on Aardvark, and have accepted that what I have is good but good isn't enough and I need to go deeper and work harder to get at the true heart of the story.

Here's what I plan to be up to this week:
  • Task #12: Do a "hobby-creative night" with Mr W if I can. This week MIGHT not happen, because our cat Sapphire is having her teeth cleaned tomorrow and we might not be able to focus tomorrow night, which is when we usually do these things, but if not, next week for sure.
  • Task #45: Spend at least an hour working on purging/organizing my jewelry.
  • Task #58: The "Body Worlds" exhibit - I will look into when it is and check whether some likely suspects would want to go with me. If not, I'll decide when I'm going on my own!
  • Task #76/77/78: Follow my running program so I get faster AND get closer to the 1611 km goal.
  • Task #87: I collected a sample of golden retriever fur from my mother weeks ago and haven't mailed it to the potential spinner. I WILL do that this week!
  • Task #101: Keep working on Aardvark and let the story unfold the way it wants to.
All right! I will report back at the end of this week (which means Sunday, but after the aforementioned 10km race I didn't have the oomph last night to post) on how I've done this week.

If any of you are doing 101 lists of your own please let me know - I'd love to follow your progress! :)

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