Sunday, November 8, 2009

1001 tasks update: Week 3

In brief, I did five of the six things I'd planned for this week, and the missing sixth was because I forgot it was on the list. :)

Completed as planned:
  • Task #12, hobby/creative night: another one's done! That's 3 of 8 with no weeks missed.
  • Task #58, "Body Worlds" exhibit: I have two people willing to go with me and if we can get the time coordinated we're all set!
  • Task #87, turn dog fur into garments for my mother: I mailed off the sample of fur to the spinner. When I get anything back, I will report!
  • Task #101, New York Times bestseller: I dug deeper into Aardvark's story this week, and have just under 11,000 new words to show for it.
NOT completed as planned:
  • Task #45, organizing jewelry: I didn't add it to my weekly list of things to do, and therefore I forgot all about it. Will add it to this week.
Ongoing task updates and other news:
  • I filled in two of the eight tasks I hadn't yet discovered. #1 is a secret project, and #2 is making a case for my Palm.
  • Task #77, Run 1001 miles/1611 km: up to 50.3km.
  • Task #94, 5 creative hours/day: the last 4-week period's average is 2:35. I am aiming for 3 in the next 4-week period. (Rest assured I'm not sitting around watching soap operas with the rest of my days... I am also the maid/cook/laundry service. :) But I do still want to see this number higher.) The next update on this will be in four weeks.
Planned for this week:
  • #2: I will make a case for my Palm.
  • #12: Another hobby/creative night with Mr. W. This time, I plan to work on #89, attempting to invent a shawl pattern.
  • #45: I'll put an hour into organizing my jewelry.
  • #58: I will get the Body Worlds trip booked.
  • #76-78: I will run three times this week.
  • #101: continue working on Aardvark. The new material is written, now I "just" have to go through the entire book and reassemble it properly. :)
It doesn't sound like a lot, but I think it's enough.

Have a great week!

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