Monday, November 16, 2009

1001 tasks update: Week 4

In brief: don't make plans around your Palm and then break the fool thing. =(

I've had my Palm Treo 680 for about 2.5 years, and I doubt a day's gone by where I didn't use it. It's been increasingly erratic lately (haven't we all? :) but after I dropped it on the weekend it's apparently decided to sulk, because it's now silent.

Yes, my cell phone no longer rings, and my datebook no longer announces alarms, and my main MP3 player can't play without headphones, and it's very sad.

So after spending a week discussing the whole thing with Mr. W, I've decided to get another one and I'm now hunting eBay for a replacement. In the mean time, though, I bought a hard shell case for it (yup, before I found the perfect replacement... optimism, I has it) and I can't crochet a case in case (hehehe) the thing doesn't fit into it!

Completed as planned:
  • #12: Another hobby/creative night with Mr. W. Unfortunately, I spent it analyzing cell phones, but I still did it and I say it counts. :)
  • #58: I DID get the Body Worlds trip booked.
  • #76-78: I DID run three times this week.
  • #101: continue working on Aardvark. I am half way through the reassembly process and I love how it's coming out.
NOT completed as planned:
  • #2: I will make a case for my Palm. And I still will, but not until the new one arrives!
  • #45: Again, I did not put an hour into organizing my jewelry. I seem not to want to, and I'm not sure why. I will try again this week and if it still doesn't happen it's probably just not the right time!
Ongoing task updates and other news:
  • Task #77, Run 1001 miles/1611 km: up to 65.5km.
Planned for this week:
  • #12: Another hobby/creative night with Mr. W. This time, I plan to work on #93, improving my signature.
  • #45: I'll put an hour into organizing my jewelry.
  • #76-78: I will run three times this week.
  • #93: I will work on my handwritten signature this week.
  • #101: continue working on Aardvark. I want to finish it this week.
And that's it. An even shorter list than last week, but since I didn't finish last week's list, maybe that's a good thing! :)

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