Monday, November 23, 2009

1001 tasks update: Week 5

In brief: I didn't finish most of my tasks and I couldn't care less.

(WHY do people say, "I could care less"? That's not what they mean. Yeesh.)

Why don't I care? Because I finished Aardvark! The third draft of my current novel is complete and in the (I hope!) loving hands of beta readers. I will be letting it rest until January while I look into what Blueberry, the next novel's code-name, will be.

(Looking back, letting Mr. W choose the code names was clearly a bad idea. After Blueberry comes Cookie, and then Dragonfly. Which could be worse because he wanted dodecahedron.)

So for this week, I am on vacation! I am still going to finish some 101 tasks, though. Can't let EVERYTHING rest. :)

I've been resting all weekend. On Tuesday and Wednesday I had vicious headaches, and Friday I started to get weird chills, and I was terrified that I'd get sick. I don't want to get the swine! So I've been a complete slug since Thursday night. I could get used to this. :)

Completed as planned:
  • #101: continue working on Aardvark. It is DONE, my beautiful precious book. :) I know I sound like I'm kidding, but that is actually how I feel about it. I love this one.
And that's it. :)

NOT completed as planned:
  • #12: Another hobby/creative night with Mr. W. because I had too much of a headache to make it happen. I WILL do it this week, tomorrow probably, and work on improving my signature.
  • #45: organizing my jewelry didn't happen, and so I'm leaving it alone for a while. Must need to be in the mood and I am just not.
  • #76-78: I only ran once this week. After that, I felt weird and didn't want to make myself sick.
  • #93: I didn't work on my handwritten signature because I didn't do the hobby/creative night.
Ongoing task updates and other news:
  • Task #77, Run 1001 miles/1611 km: up to 69.2km.
Planned for this week:
  • #12: hobby/creative night, working on #93, my signature.
  • #42: pick a Guitar Hero song and learn to drum it on expert. I will pick the song (I'm leaning toward "Welcome to the Jungle" but we shall see) and assess how far away I am from expert (probably pretty far).
  • #49: read a novel a day for a week. It occurred to me Friday morning that I could do that this week, and so I am. I have read four books since Friday! Three were on my netbook computer on auto-scroll while I crocheted at the same time (I can't tell if that makes me awesome or insanely nerdy) and one was on paper. I plan to write brief reviews of them all.
  • #50: read at least one or two of my 11 paper novels that are awaiting my attention. I've read one thus far this week and two in total.
  • #58: My chosen sucker and I are going to the Body Worlds exhibit on Thursday afternoon. I hope I don't throw up or something. :)
  • #76-78: I will run at least twice this week.
  • #92: I will at least cut out the backing fabric for the Christmas latch-hook pillow front Mr. W made. I might even assemble the pillow, but let's not get carried away.
  • #101: My progress this week toward being a New York Times Bestseller will be made by resting up and letting my brain see and absorb all sorts of new things so it'll be ready to come up with a new book next week.
Have a great week! :)


Jennifer said...

Congratulations! That's awesome.

Auto-scroll? Maybe these E-readers are a better idea than I thought... :)

Heather Wardell said...

Jennifer, it's fabulous. I can crochet at the same time as I read! If I could just figure out how to watch CSI at the same time, I'd be set. :)

Unknown said...

Congratulations. You are doing great work. Keep up this great work.


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