Monday, November 30, 2009

101 tasks update: Week 6

In brief: Woo hoo!

I did everything but one task, and that one is hardly earth-shattering (unless I drum really hard). Yes, I didn't play Guitar Hero and pick which song I want to drum on expert, but I'm going to just pick Welcome to the Jungle and go from there. :)

Completed as planned:
  • #12: hobby/creative night, working on #93, my signature. - I worked on my first name and quite like the look of it. It's basically the same (I didn't want to make up some weird fancy signature) but a bit cleaned up and less "fourth grade" looking.
  • #42: pick a Guitar Hero song and learn to drum it on expert. Song is picked! Now, to learn it. :)
  • #49: read a novel a day for a week. Success! And they're all tracked (and briefly reviewed) on my Books I've Read list. It was a challenge but by no means impossible for me. Of course, a) I'm a speed reader b) I was on vacation so I didn't do much else some days. But still, I enjoyed it. AND it's my first completed 101 task!
  • #50: read at least one or two of my 11 paper novels that are awaiting my attention. I've read one thus far this week and two in total. Done! I have now read 3 of them.
  • #58: My chosen sucker and I are going to the Body Worlds exhibit on Thursday afternoon. I hope I don't throw up or something. :) Done! Neither of us threw up, and it was very interesting. If it comes to a town near you, go!
  • #76-78: I will run at least twice this week. And I did!
  • #92: I will at least cut out the backing fabric for the Christmas latch-hook pillow front Mr. W made. I might even assemble the pillow, but let's not get carried away. I found a better way to do it that doesn't require fabric being cut out, so I got the supplies and will work on that in a week or two - no time this week!
  • #101: My progress this week toward being a New York Times Bestseller will be made by resting up and letting my brain see and absorb all sorts of new things so it'll be ready to come up with a new book next week. I did that. And I am ready to roll!
Ongoing task updates and other news:
  • Task #77, Run 1001 miles/1611 km: up to 74.3 km.
Planned for this week:
  • #12: hobby/creative night, working on #93, my signature, again.
  • #76-78: I will run at least three times this week.
  • #101: My progress this week toward being a New York Times Bestseller will be made by starting to look for Blueberry, my next book. I have ideas, so now it's time to see which one(s) will pan out. Can't wait! :) I'm also beginning this week to revise my agents-to-query list so I'll be ready for Aardvark to go out in late January after my Kuwait trip.
A short list, but Blueberry takes precedence so that's fine. Have a great week! :)

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