Thursday, December 10, 2009

101 tasks update: Week 7

In brief: week off, baby!

I have been feeling all "ugh, I have to post a 101 update" since Sunday night. I JUST now realized, "Hello, this is YOUR project. If you want a week off, take it, you fool."

And so I am.

Mr. W is on vacation this week so I've been doing two hours or so on Blueberry (the new book!) and an hour on query preparation for Aardvark (which is now the old book, which feels weird) and spending the rest of my time with him. It's been great, but not conducive to 101 tasks.

The 101 project is supposed to be enriching my life. If this week it feels like a chore, then I won't do it.

So there. :)

Is there anything you're doing because you "have to"? Take a second to make sure you actually want to and need to... if not, skip it! It's wonderfully rejuvenating to say, "Not right now."

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