Thursday, December 17, 2009


Olympic Torch - the Olympic Torch passed through my neighbourhood this morning.

I was getting my hair cut, and while I was in the chair, a man waiting said, "Hey, the torch is coming."

We all went to see. Me, my Romanian (I think... or Russian) hairdresser, her Asian coworker, and the "no apparent accent" man who'd announced the arrival, all crowded at the window watching it go by.

I didn't even notice who was carrying it. This picture is from an earlier destination (via but it shows all I could see... the torch and the flame.

Like a lot of kids, I once dreamed of going to the Olympics, although mine would have been the Summer games as a swimmer. Today is probably the closest I'll ever get to being at the Olympics, but it was close enough to fire me up about my current dreams.

You work hard, you get tired and rest, you work hard again, and you can get what you want sooner or later. I have to believe that. I do believe that.

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