Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Wilkommen aus Deutchland!

I feel like I didn't spell that quite right. :)

So I'm on my way to Kuwait! This trip will fulfil a 101 task and should also be a whole lot of fun. The traveling part, though... yeesh! I left Toronto at 10pm last night, and to my mind (and my poor body that refused to sleep on the plane) it's now 7:20am. But it's 12:20pm here, so everyone's having lunch. This time zone shifting thing is very strange. And I feel weird and woobly, so cut me some slack if I say something (unusually :) weird.

Being here is rather overwhelming, I have to admit. Especially being here alone. I don't remember enough of my high school German to understand the announcements or most of the signs, and the strange tingly buzzing that's flooding me, probably due to fatigue, isn't helping my comprehension. Everywhere I go people are speaking German, and while that does make a lot of sense it makes everything even more surreal.

Although I guess that's good practice for when I get to Kuwait and have NO idea what anyone is saying. :)

I spent one of my sleepless hours on the plane thinking about this blog. I'm not happy with how I'm doing it. I think I've been so worried to NOT make the blog "Hey, I wrote a book! Guess what? You should download my book. Did you know? My book!" that instead I've ended up hardly mentioning my writing at all. And it's a huge part of who I am and what I do, so it should be on the blog a lot more than it is. When I get too worried about exactly what I should write here and all that, I end up doing nothing at all. Which isn't what I want.

Yet again (yet AGAIN!) it's all about the journey. I will apparently keep getting smacked with that, in all areas of my life, until I get it. I'm working on it but I'm not quite there yet. (Heh. Not quite there. Not at the destination.)

(I swear I just heard an announcement in an Asian language. Have I completely snapped?)

OK, I think it might be time to log out and go find some food. But let me just post a picture of where I will NOT be eating. When they say, "Try foreign food", I do NOT think this is what they mean. :) But it's neat to see that some things are universal!
I really appreciate all my blog readers, and I promise to actually, you know, post stuff in 2010. :)


Jennifer said...

The announcement probably was in Japanese or something. :) I feel your pain about not sleeping in airplanes--I just can't.

Have a fantastic trip!!

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