Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Starbucks Anonymous

Is there a group for Starbucks addicts? I need one.

Actually, I'm not so much addicted to Starbucks as I am to having a place to write where there's nothing else to do but write. Once I get my drink (and maybe a cookie?) my only task is writing. I can't wander off to do laundry or tidy up or pat the cat or any of the other things that often distract me.

Perhaps I need to figure out how to make my little writing room such a place. That space (technically the open concept dining room) is exclusively reserved for writing, but it's not the same as Starbucks. I will work on why that is and how to fix it.


- I wrote 3575 words today! This is good, but it's even better when I admit that I got zilch done in the morning and so that was all from about 2-4:30pm. Not bad at all.
- I know exactly where I'm going when I next get to write Blueberry. This is lovely. :)

- I did 22 minutes of boxing with the Wii. I'd have done more but I haven't done it for a while and sometimes I end up SORE the next day. I'm already heading in that direction.
- I bought groceries. Most of them are even good for me!

- um... I put away the groceries I bought. :)

So far so good for this week. Tomorrow's kind of a writing-related write-off, since I'm doing a long training run in the morning and then going to the dentist, but I hope to at least review Aardvark's query letter and synopsis so I can send its queries on the weekend.

It's 8:30pm and I am WIPED OUT. Gonna watch a bit of hockey and then head to bed!

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