Monday, February 22, 2010

Three Thousand Blueberries

Well, three thousand words on Blueberry.

I used to do daily "here's what I was going to do and what I actually did" posts here, and I eventually stopped because... well, I'm not sure why. But I miss it.

2010 is my year of NOT doing all my time tracking and word count analysis and all that stuff that made me even more deranged than usual. (When you spend time, serious time, trying to decide whether driving to Starbucks to write counts as writing time, you need to stop tracking.) But I want to document my progress, and where better than here?


- wrote exactly three thousand words on the new book. (It always amuses me when I get round numbers without even trying.)
- updated my character description lists for what I've written so far (so I don't later have to look through everything to figure out, say, whether Crystal wears makeup or not) (she does, in case you were wondering :)

- ran outside, fortunately before it started snowing. I haven't been outside much and it was surprisingly nice.

- laundry. Lots, but not nearly enough. How Mr. W and I manage to generate so much laundry is a mystery to me. How people with children EVER have clean laundry is an even bigger mystery.

I'm making this up as I go along, but I think on Mondays I will include a "what I plan to get done this week" and then on Fridays I'll see what happened. I need a bit of accountability, I think!

This week
- two days on Blueberry
- three days doing the very final re-read of Aardvark and assembling its queries, which are going out on the weekend! (Ah, the query process. How I have NOT missed you.)
- dentist appointment for cleaning. (Boo. I want to cancel SO much but I will behave.)
- two more runs and at least two non-runs (swimming, Wii boxing, or whatever I feel like)

I want to revamp the whole blog, and I will, but not at any time where it can take me off Blueberry. My problem (if I may pretend I have only one) is that I actually dislike writing the first draft. Weird, huh? I LOVE the planning stages and editing, but I find the first draft exhausting. Not hard to do - the words seem to fall from me sometimes - but really tiring, and so it's hard to make myself sit down and do it. But I did it today, and I will do it tomorrow, and when I keep that up for 6 weeks or so, I'll have a book!

And then I'll get to edit it. :)

Oh, and remember I said I was going to blog daily in February? I didn't. :)


Corrina said...

I haven't blogged every day either. And just so you know, there is a never a day where there isn't laundry that needs doing in a house with kids. I just don't always do it!

Travis Erwin said...

I have long since given up trying to blog everyday and truly my life is better for it.

Heather Wardell said...

I hear you, Corrina. We are intermittent blog buddies. With lots of laundry. :)

Travis, I bow to your wisdom and will try to follow it!

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