Wednesday, February 3, 2010

A tale of two pictures

Two races, very different pictures.

May 25, 2008. Nearing the end of the Ottawa Half-Marathon.

Do I look happy? How could you tell, I didn't even look up. I was miserable. I'd set a goal to be at least a few minutes faster than I'd been at the half-marathon two weeks before and I was nowhere close to it.

Why did I think I could do it faster? Because I WANTED to. And it didn't happen, and I knew from the 3rd mile that it wouldn't and the last 10 miles were miserable.

January 22, 2010. Nearing the end of the Dubai 10KM.

A little more cheerful, yes? True, it's half the distance, but I was not this happy at the 8km mark of the half-marathon, I assure you.

I remember the Ottawa half-marathon as being a death march. Absolutely miserable. I had fun running in Dubai. T. and I took videos of each other as we ran (which are insanely hilarious, at least to us) and I will always remember that race as a greatly entertaining experience.

I was a whole 20 seconds faster per kilometer in Ottawa than I was in Dubai, but I worked my butt off for it. Doesn't seem worth it, somehow.

Wherever you're going, have fun!!


jdsanc said...

That is so amazing that you ran! I've got to admire you, even in your misery, that you are there!
Way To Go, GIRL!!!!

Anonymous said...

love the dubai picture!


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