Monday, November 8, 2010

Getting it back together

It's been a weird few days, to be sure. Writing today, knowing that Sapphire wouldn't come wandering out of wherever she was sleeping and give me the "pick me up already" look, was strange. Running the Roomba vacuum cleaner without checking that she was out of its way bothered me, and to be honest gathering up her fur bothered me too. (Although at least for that one, there will probably still be fur hanging around this time next year. That stuff's impossible to get 100% cleaned up. :)

The vet's office sent us a floral arrangement today, which is unbelievably sweet. We've lost three cats in the last two years or so, all to various significant diseases, and I guess they realize it's been awfully hard on us.

No immediate plans for another feline. It's strange not having one but I also think it's good to take a bit of time to decide whether we want one. Mr. W said, "It's like getting into a rebound relationship" and I think that's probably true. So we will see. If it happens, there will be pictures. :)

As for writing, today's actually been a good day. Dinosaur's plans came together well this morning when I realized that the main character is actually one of those "live in the now" people that I admire but can't understand. Guess what? I'll be learning to understand them as I write her. Should be neat!

I submitted the files for "Life, Love, and a Polar Bear Tattoo" to CreateSpace today, and if all goes well it should be available for order in print sometime late Nov/early Dec. "Go Small or Go Home" will be going to CreateSpace in the next few days (it needs its cover redone since I had NO idea what I was doing when I made it :), and then all my books will be available in paper and electronically. I'm excited about that!

And I read through 29 pages of Blueberry today, which will be coming out in paper and ebook in January 2011, and so far so "no big disasters that make me say OMGWTFBBQ What were you thinking?" :) So that's good.

Except I discovered I have got a guy named Tim, a fairly major character, in both Blueberry and Dinosaur. Oops. I'm more attached to Dinosaur's Tim so will be hunting down a new name for the other guy. It's surprisingly hard to name these people! I have a "character database" in progress, but it's obviously not done since the Tim/Tim thing didn't register. Must get on that.

I really appreciate the kind comments on Sapphire's passing. She was a great little beast. :)

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