Tuesday, November 9, 2010

What prize should be inside?

In a few weeks, I'm going to be doing a contest. While I have a few details to nail down, it will basically go thusly:

(digression: the Blogger spell-check says 'thusly' is not a word. Isn't it? It should be if it's not.)

  • People will tell me where they've written reviews of my work. Their blog, someone else's blog, any of the online retailers... anything counts. These have to be more than just "it was cool" but do NOT have to be gushing 5-star reviews. (They can be, of course, but I want honesty!)
  • Each review, regardless of how long ago it was written, is an entry in the contest.
  • I will pick a winner at random to receive...
Um. I was thinking of a $25 Amazon.com gift certificate, or equivalent at any retailer the winner wants, but now I'm wondering if there's something better. (Better than free books? Like what, free books delivered by Detective Flack from CSI:NY? :)

Any ideas? If you entered such a contest and won, what would you like to receive? (Bearing in mind that to my infinite sadness I have no particular access to said Det. Flack. :)


Eve said...

I think the Amazon.com gift certificate would be a great prize. Can't think of anything I'd enjoy more (not even Det. Flack). LOL

Heather Wardell said...

Oh, Eve, we are very different people. :) But cool, thanks!

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