Monday, November 22, 2010

More than half a blueberry

It's really looking like Blueberry might be done this week. Yay!

I always forget from book to book that the beginning takes far longer to edit than the later chapters. Getting the tone just right, explaining enough of the character's backstory without being boring, making sure that the beginning grabs the reader... Tough work!

The rest needs to keep the reader's attention, of course, but it's easier once the beginning makes people want to know what happens.

Editing the ending can take a while too, and I find kissing/sex scenes do too since they need to be emotional and detailed without reading like a how-to manual.

Huh. Nearly the whole book takes ages, apparently. :) But there are parts in the middle that lend themselves to speedier editing and I guess I'm there now.

Once it's edited, I'll start prepping it for release in January (woo hoo!) and move on to Cookie's second draft. No rest for the wicked. :)


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Spa Ceylon Pakistan said...

It seems like Blueberry might be wrapping up its season sooner than expected. Fingers crossed for one last burst of that sweet, juicy flavor before bidding farewell for the year.

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