Sunday, November 21, 2010

Weekly Report: November 21, 2010

For this week, I planned to:
  1. get Dinosaur's rather nebulous planning document into something I could actually write from
  2. spend at least ten hours editing Blueberry
  3. continue to promote Aardvark
  4. accumulate at least 17 hours of writing/promotion time. It's a big jump but I can do it.
How did I do?
  1. It's getting there. I now know where the holes are, which is good. Now I "just" have to fill them. :)
  2. I spent 10:28 with Blueberry. It's a hair away from being halfway done.
  3. I have been sending at least one review request a day, and also researching new places to request reviews.
  4. My work total for the week: 18:46! 15:41 on writing and the rest promotion. I'm very pleased.
What am I aiming for this week?
  1. Dinosaur again... fill in those holes! I want to spend 1:15 a day on it.
  2. I won't commit to finishing Blueberry this week but it'd be nice! But I WILL commit to 2 hours a day.
  3. 3 hours of promotion-related tasks. I have a contest coming up (watch for it!) and need to write the details out, and will also send more review requests.
  4. By meeting the other goals, I will spend 16:15 on writing and 3 hours on promotion, so I'm aiming for 19:15 of work time. Not too big a jump from last week, I hope!
As for the 101 list:
  • I did NOT finish the dog fur yarn set. Ack. But I plan to this week!
  • I ran four times.
  • I posted here daily.
  • I went through my closet and purged everything I didn't love. It's pretty empty, but let's face it, now it just holds what I actually wear! That's another 101 task done. :)
This week, I will again run four times and post daily, and I WILL finish the dog fur yarn set. I will also:
  • give at least one stranger a compliment.
  • try a new recipe
  • post re my Kuwait trip
I'm excited about how much I got done last week without completely exhausting myself, and I think this week will be even better!

If you'd like to let me know what you're planning to do this week, go for it! I'd love it if lots of us did this weekly post together. :)