Sunday, November 14, 2010

Weekly Report: November 14, 2010

I need to keep myself accountable for all the things I want and need to do. Where better than right here? Feel free to nag me when (not if, unfortunately :) I don't stick to my plans.

This week, I wanted to:
  • plan Dinosaur
  • reread Blueberry to get ready to edit it
  • promote Aardvark
I did all those things! Unfortunately, I also wanted to really amaze myself with the number of hours I put in, but I should have been specific about how to amaze myself.

My writing/promotion time this week totalled 12:47. Please note I'm not sitting on the couch eating candy the rest of the time (although that does sound like fun)... I clean the house and buy groceries and make meals and do laundry and drive places and do long runs and... But in terms of actual "working on what matters to me" time? Not even 13 hours.

I know I can do better. For the coming week, I will
  • get Dinosaur's rather nebulous planning document into something I could actually write from
  • spend at least ten hours editing Blueberry
  • continue to promote Aardvark
  • accumulate at least 17 hours of writing/promotion time. It's a big jump but I can do it.
As far as the 101 in 1001 list goes, I did make some progress this week:
  • I wrote the "letter to myself to be opened July 14, 2011". With any luck I won't forget where I saved it. :)
  • I am nearly finished my mother's hat using her dog fur yarn. The scarf is done, and I just need to finish one mitten and make the other.
  • I continue to train for my faster running tasks.
  • I have not yet missed a day of blogging in November, although one night I had to do it after I brushed my teeth because I'd forgotten all about it until then. :)
101 tasks for the coming week:
  • I'll finish the dog fur yarn set. Pictures here once it's done!
  • Run four times.
  • Blog daily.
  • I'm working on cleaning out/organizing my clothes closet and dresser so that I have only what I love to wear.
OK. I feel relaxed and ready to rock. Have a great week - I plan to! :)

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