Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Sneaky Kegan, Putting Yourself on Amazon!

It never fails: when I think it'll take a day or two to get a book posted somewhere, it takes weeks. When I expect it to take a week, well...

I posted "Stir Until Thoroughly Confused" on Amazon's Kindle store yesterday. Today, it's alive!

NOT that I am complaining, of course. :) My official launch date is January 24th, which gives me time to email about a bazillion bloggers to offer review copies. (If you've reviewed for me before and I haven't emailed you yet, don't feel insulted. I will, I promise. I'm working down the list! :) But if Kegan wants to be available before the 24th, well, he's hard to resist. :)
Feel free to check out "Stir Until Thoroughly Confused" for just $0.99 on for the Kindle or at my web site for an excerpt and a wide variety of electronic formats. Paper is coming shortly. :)

Happy reading! :)