Sunday, April 13, 2008

101 update: April 13, 2008

Another week, another bunch of things done/partially done. It's going well!

#1. I am up to 8200 grains of rice on Nowhere near the million-grain goal, but progressing.
#3. I spent another hour at the elementary school, for a total of 4 of the 20 planned hours
#13. Up to $24.50 to be used for these tasks. It's killing me - all that money just sitting there! :)
#26. I cleaned out a bookcase this week and donated three grocery bags of things to charity. Mostly candles and the like. Since I forgot to count the stuff, we'll just call it 3 of the 101 I'm planning to donate.
#35. I am nearly able to play all the notes for the May concert. I lucked in - there's only one really hard piece this time around and it's very classical-type music ("Hounds of Spring") so it makes sense to me and I'm able to play it well.
#44. In my quest to read 100 authors new to me, I read "Cranberry Queen" by Kathleen DeMarco. It started out really well, I thought, with a woman freaking out about going to her ex-boyfriend's wedding suddenly blindsided by the car-accident deaths of her parents and brother, but then degenerated into a chance meeting I didn't believe and a bunch of people hanging out together that didn't make sense to me. I will write a review of it later, but I was disappointed, I must say. Still, 1/100!
#61. I added the assisted pullup machine to my weights routine. I felt it the next day, which means it was working. I started with lifting 60 pounds and the machine doing the rest, and did my second set with me lifting 70 pounds. Will continue with 70.
#65. In a fit of insanity, I posted on Facebook that if I didn't lose 10 pounds by my birthday I'd have to post my weight. 10 is a nice start toward the 40 required by #65.
#88. I have revised this slightly - I will be posting mysteries for sale on my own web site. Still at 0/5 at this point, although one freebie is available at my site - go check it out!
#101. This private item is now at 4/52.

In the next week, I will:
- get a move on for #55, wear a sweater I've knitted to Christmas 2008. The sweater is approximately 2" long at this point, and just the back piece. I'm a lightning-fast crocheter and a slow-as-dirt-on-crutches knitter, but I won't get faster if I don't practice, will I? Maybe. But probably not. I will knit at least ten rows of the sweater this week.
- will try one pullup with no assist (#61) to see if I can do it. The trick is to try this when nobody's looking in my direction, since I suspect I'll be able to lift myself about one inch and then hang there looking sad. :)
- will read another book by an author new to me.
- will volunteer another hour.
- will get my freerice total to 15,000.
- take private item #101 to 5/52.

If you want to make your own 101 list, visit the main 101 in 1001 page for all the scoop, then let me know what you'll be doing! :)

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