Wednesday, April 16, 2008

April 16, 2008: The Case of the Missing Updates

So Monday night I had band practice, and then was too tired to post. Last night, also too tired. Tonight, tired, but not TOO tired.

The big news: Seven's re-read is complete! It took me, according to my handy little Palm time tracker, 9 hours and 33 minutes. Not too bad for a 108,000 word book!

I'm now getting ready to start playing with the new one (code-named Raoul, because it doesn't have a title). It HAS to be playing, at least for the first while. I've crushed two good ideas by being over-involved immediately - this one, I'm having fun with. A woman who hates hockey being hired to massage the team's star player? How can I NOT have fun with it??

I got a speeding ticket today too, which is sad. I deserved it, though, I think... I narrowly avoided being snagged by a speed trap an hour or two beforehand, so I guess my karma caught up to me. If only I'd been going so fast it couldn't catch up!!

Tomorrow is all playing with Raoul, at least it is once the piano goes. And I don't know when it's going. It's SO hard to schedule working from home sometimes.

Good night!

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