Sunday, April 27, 2008

101 update: April 27, 2008

I did really well on the 101 tasks this week! Overall, this week just really worked for me... good with Raoul, good with exercise, good with 101... mumblemumble with my eating... oh, well. There's always an area to perfect!

NO, I did NOT list 101 things: about me (task #2), that make me happy (#4), and that I like about myself (#5). I have 34 things combined. In my head, I think I had this week's task as being 'get thirty-odd items total' not 'thirty-odd items for each list'. To clarify for myself, I will do ten things for each list this week, so that #2 has 18, #4 has 27, and #5 has 19.
NO, I did NOT use my Palm food tracker and exercise tracker religiously for the entire week. All the exercise is tracked, but I did the food part for the first few days and then the wheels fell off.

YES, I knit ten rows (actually knit 12!) of the sweater of doom. It's a good few inches long now. Woo!
YES, I volunteered another hour at the elementary school's band.
YES, I read one novel by an author new to me (Erica Orloff's "Confessions of a Blues Goddess").
YES, I reached 30,000 on freerice. I am a machine - I'm at 40,400! I made it my main Internet home page, so I nearly always do a few when I open Firefox.
YES, I did private item #101.
YES, I lost weight. I'm down 0.8 pounds over the last two weeks. If I used the food tracker religiously, this might help!
YES, I donated more items to charity - 8 bags of stuff (I keep forgetting to count the stuff before it goes into the bags) and 8 single items that I DID remember to count. My total is now 35 of the 101 I wanted to donate.

As well, I DID do brainstorming for Raoul, put together a novel planning checklist, and declutter the bookshelves. I did NOT eat two fruits and one yogurt daily.

Verily, eating is my downfall!

For the 101 tasks this week:
#1: I will get my freerice total to 50000.
#2,4,5: I will do ten things for each list this week, so that #2 has 18, #4 has 27, and #5 has 19.
#3: I will volunteer with the band if they need me this week (it depends on how their Tuesday rehearsal goes)
#35: Our last band rehearsal for our May 4th concert is Monday. If I am not able to play all notes, I will schedule a practice session for this week. Last week, there were about 2 bars I didn't have nailed. I can most likely get 'em at practice tomorrow.
#44: Read another author new to me, and review the book.
#55: Knit each day, at least one row. (As I get faster and it gets less awkward, I'm not minding it so much!)
#65: Think before I eat and focus on cutting 3500 calories between diet and exercise this week.
#89: Complete Week One of the Artist's Way book's program.
#98: This private item is a daily task, so I should do it seven times this week.
#101: Do this private item once.

This is sort of a scarily long list, but I think it's doable. A lot of them are short and easily completed, and those that aren't seem to fit into what I've got going on this week.

In other life areas:
- I will write the rough draft of my May article for Computing Unplugged
- I will continue to refine and build on the outline for Raoul
- I will clean out the hall closet and the laundry room/closet.

Whew! But it'll all be good. You'll see. :)

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