Tuesday, April 29, 2008

April 29, 2008: A focus! YES!

As my exuberant subject line would suggest, Raoul is coming into focus. There are several sub-threads to the book, and choosing which one is the real plot hasn't been easy. But I know now. And a one-sentence description follows.

A money-driven aspiring artist's accidental new job massaging an ailing pro hockey player jumpstarts her artistic career, but her creativity disappears as her sales rise.

I'm 95% happy with the wording of the sentence, and 105% happy with the direction the book's going. It's starting to click in my head, and little bits and pieces of dialogue are coming to me. This is always a good sign. I used to panic that I wasn't getting them all down, but over time I have learned that the key scenes will run through my head again and again, and the bits that really work for me will stick. By the time I write a key scene, I can see it so vividly it's just a matter of getting it on the page. (Just. And a marathon's just 26.2 miles.)

Speaking of which, my first May half marathon is in less than 2 weeks. I have no idea where the rest of 2008 has gone.

Writing Project: Raoul
Time Planned: 4 hours
Time Spent: 4 hours
Favourite Part: when the focus clicked.

Exercise: scheduled rest day
One Fun Thing I Did Today: went out for lunch with Wes

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