Tuesday, May 6, 2008

May 6, 2008: Catching up

I've decided to only write in the mornings on Tuesday and Thursday and use the afternoons to get caught up on other stuff. I finished the first draft of my Computing Unplugged article which is due by the 21st, cleaned out the laundry area and the hall closet, cleaned the fish tank... lots of good stuff!

And Raoul was cooperative as well, and I now have a nine-page synopsis that I think really does encapsulate what I'm going for. Up next: digging deeper into the characters, building a list of scenes, and then going through the whole shebang again to make sure that the same events happen, in the same order, in all documentation. (You'd be surprised how often that's not the case!)

Writing Project: Raoul's planning
Time Planned: 2 hours
Time Spent: 2 hours
Favourite Part: finishing the synopsis

Exercise: 35 minute Cardio Coach run
One Fun Thing I Did Today: read my Artist's Way book out on the balcony under a fuzzy blanket

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