Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Psychotic tea towel

I spent a bit of time this afternoon having my Artist's Date with the tea towels that comprise item #58 on my 101 things to do in 1001 days list. We had a good time (at least I did) but I don't remember them being quite so... insane looking. Here are three of them. The others didn't want their picture taken.

It's something about their eyes, I think. And maybe the fact that Thursday appears to be EATING A PLATE. Nonetheless, I think they're cute, and I'm glad they're done. The paint has to dry for 48 hours and then they are supposedly machine-washable. They WILL be machine-washable regardless - I do not hand-wash anything, and if I did, tea towels wouldn't be top of the list (or even anywhere close to the list, frankly).

Work? Was I supposed to work today? Well, I did. Another full Raoul scene completed, and this one was tricky because it took pieces from another scene. Both scenes for tomorrow (I plan to ramp it up a bit!) will do this too, and then it should be smooth sailing. (I always say that. I'm always wrong. But this time will be different.)

Oh, and the iron-on transfers I used to make the towels are supposed to be able to be reused at least once. If anyone wants 'em, let me know!


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Annette Gallant said...

Those tea towels are cute. I think I like Friday the best. Looks like that teapot is working hard. :-)

Good luck with your new scene!

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