Monday, September 8, 2008

At this rate it'll be a pamphlet!

At the start of the day, Raoul's first scene had 2327 words. Now, it's 936. I knew I'd be shortening it because my first scenes are always a bit "Who are you people? Let's hear you talk so I figure you out", but cutting that much was a surprise. What's left is tight though. :)

I spent about 30 minutes just staring at the first few pages trying to figure out what needed to be kept and where I wanted to start, then slashed a nice line through the first 4.5 and it came alive. All of the content and none of the rambly. (I'll keep the rambly here, where it's a little closer to belonging.)

There are presently 69 scenes (quit giggling, it's just how it worked out!) and I'm hoping to be finished in 60 work days. There is hope!

In other news, I did my first session of a stretch class this morning (to fulfil the "take an exercise class you don't think you'll enjoy, and go to all the sessions" task, #64, of my 101 tasks in 1001 days project). And I didn't hate it! I am what you'd call not so flexible, but I was able to get through nearly everything. Sure, a few times the only people who couldn't do a stretch were me and a woman who looked to be about eighty, but we tried. And I felt nice and relaxed after. Which probably helped with Raoul. So, win win!

Until I tighten up again by next week.

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