Saturday, January 17, 2009

50 Things to Say Before You Die

I just found this interesting list. Someone who's said all 50 would, I think, have a deep and meaningful life.

A few samples:
#7: There’s nothing I’d rather be doing.
Glad to help you.
I’ve learned from my failures.
I don’t like my life – Of course it’s a bad thing to say. But once you’ve acknowledged that you don’t like your life you can now begin to change it.
#40: I’m glad you were here.

You can see all 50 at - worth checking out, I think!

I'm going to do a little blog polishing this weekend... the sidebars are getting cluttered! I don't feel like doing much at the moment, so blog reorganization is right up my alley.

Why don't I feel like doing much? Because I finished editing Raoul yesterday! I'm very pleased with it, but it's already starting to feel distant. It's odd, letting it go after being locked into it, but it's definitely beginning to feel like "that book I worked on" instead of "the book I'm doing now". Interesting feeling, but odd.

Now, I will let it rest while I write its query letters (and while a hockey-playing friend reads it and makes her list of things I didn't do right :) and then I'll read it one more time and send it out.

Sending it out makes me nervous, but I'm working on letting that go. I did the best I could, and I am truly pleased with it. And that's all I could do. Mr. W describes it as sending the kid off to university - I've trained him the best I can and now it's up to him to see what he can do.

Go get straight As, Raoul! :)

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Wow, I wish you much success with the book!!!!

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