Monday, January 12, 2009

50.35%, in case you're counting

That's how much of "Raoul"'s editing is finished. I didn't set a goal date, because I didn't want to make myself rush OR let myself go slower than I could (both of which have happened with set dates) but at this rate I think I'll be done by the end of the week. Then it's query-prep time, and then the first agents get queried and I go right back to planning the next book.

I love this job, I really do. :)

I've had my first feedback on "Life, Love, and a Polar Bear Tattoo". A lovely lady at read the book and recommended it on a "52 books in 52 weeks" group. I keep looking at her posting and grinning like a jack o'lantern. Someone (who's not one of my sisters or a good friend) liked the book! WOO!

Her posting made me cry, but it also made me join the group she posted in, and now I'm committing to reading 52 books in 2009. I read one this week (which I will review tomorrow) so I've got 51 more to go. Any suggestions?

What's YOUR favourite book?



Kit Courteney said...

Blimey, woman, you are an ABSOLUTE inspiration!

I love your blog.

When I have time I NEED to read more of it. You have a fab attitude!

Jennifer said...

I've read the excerpt and like it! I just have to hunker down and read at the laptop, is all. :)

My favorite book is probably Jane Eyre. I think.

Anonymous said...

That is great!! See? Other readerd like your work, woman!! Great job with taking it easy on yourself over a deadline date!

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